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Put Yourself In My Shoes

Anti-Oppressive Service Provision

Speaking Engagements
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Put Yourself In My Shoes is a training resource that teaches service providers how to center the humanity of survivors first. It focuses on the expertise of lived experiences that survivors already have.


Sitarah is a survivor! Her PYIMS training uses a four point system to help professionals interrogate how their own biases show up in their work and causes further harm to survivors of violence.

Sitarah bridges the gaps between service providers and the people they serve by sharing first hand how she has survived and witnessed abuse. She has had boundaries crossed, been pre-judged, and harmed by people in power. Some of these people were healthcare providers, legal professionals, executive directors, case managers, and advocates. They were supposed to be supportive, and provide assistance, not cause harm. Most times they would justify their actions by saying she was being “challenging, loud, or not following their policies or directions.” 

When you have the power to impact, make decisions, or change a person’s

future then you control a portion of their life. Your goal should be to assist with

the growth and stability of the individuals you serve. Someone’s current situation

does not determine who they are or how far they can excel in life.

When service providers are put in positions of power it is more than likely based on their professional ability to provide adequate service and make well balanced decisions. People in power can get so used to making decisions for others that they easily become offended when their choices are questioned or challenged.  This can cause tension and then harm may begin to take place. You can have good intentions and still cause harm by assuming you know what's best for another person.


Sitarah shares how you can use your power to uplift the community you serve, empower families, and create healthy living environments.

Who can benefit from this training?

⚓️ Executive Directors

⚓️ Supervisors/Managers

⚓️ Law Enforcement 


⚓️ Parole/Probation officers


⚓️ Healthcare Providers


⚓️ Clergy


⚓️Housing Coordinators 

⚓️ DCF/DTA Case Managers

⚓️ Coaches/Teachers


⚓️ Program Advocates

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Interested in STUCK's Anti-Oppressive Training?


If you would like to have Sitarah facilitate the "Put Yourself In My Shoes" Service Provision feel free to contact us below.

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