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Have you ever been STUCK?

Take our survey and share your experiences to uplift others and

let them know that they are not alone.

All surveys are anonymous.  


Solutions to Uplift Communities & Kids


This questionnaire was designed to see how many people in urban communities, men and women of all ages are STUCK in this world and can’t seem to find a way out. When I say “STUCK in this world” I mean, maybe you don’t like your current situation, and you have no clue how to free yourself. You can be stuck on anything; from eating, and drinking coffee, to clothes you can’t afford, cars, gambling, or even power & control.

My name is Sitarah Clark, and I use my experiences to empower others and bridge the gaps between service providers and the people they serve.

I was stuck on what other people thought, drugs, money, shoplifting, and unhealthy relationships for years. I wanted to change for a longtime, but I had no clue of how or what I needed to do to get the change I was looking for.

It wasn’t as easy as people made it seem with the “just walk away,” “quit smoking,” or the “let love find you,” suggestions. It was way more difficult than that. Every day I began to write down my issues one by one, and pray on them, but I felt the same way; stuck. My family would continue to say things like it’ll be okay, work harder, have patience, pray, go back to school, get another job, and pray some more. Those things didn’t always work for me. I wanted to be more, to do more, but there was always something holding me back no matter how far I'd get. I had to find a solution. I knew and understood that there were people who were in bad situations and they were okay with it.

I also knew people, like myself who wanted to make a change, or wanted a way out, but could not figure out where to begin.

One day I wrote down over 100 questions that seemed relevant to my situations. I decided to see how many people have experienced similar issues in the past, or currently, and what they did or were doing to correct the issues.

My goal was to use the survey results to validate that I was not the problem.

I figured this would somehow be able to prevent other people from experiencing these same setbacks. I started this movement alone, but through my research I’ve discovered that there are plenty of people that shared my struggles and concerns. Unfortunately, due to white supremacy, racial oppression, and discrimination throughout many organizational systems a large portion of people feel like they will never be heard or be able to make a difference. I want to turn those negative experiences into positive outcomes.

I knew that if our thinking did not change our situations could not change.

My goal then shifted from identifying the problems to creating solutions.

If you want to dismantle these systems and rebuild communities I ask you to help me, help our children, and help other communities across this country stand in unity and hold these systems accountable. We are the solutions and we can make a difference! Start by completing this survey to share your experiences.

Experience is the best teacher so please complete the questionnaire honestly. You are not required to give your name or contact information unless you want to share your story, an experience, give suggestions, or support. 


Thank you!

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