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This is a list of organizations that have helped Sitarah along her journey. This list also includes places that have assisted or provided some sort of positive support to individuals that have shared their personal experiences with Sitarah. These places have been added to this list because they have treated survivors of violence with the dignity they deserve, but rarely receive. If you have a resourceful contact that you’d like to share please leave us a message. There is no such thing as a perfect place or person. When all humans are treated with dignity and respect no matter their situation or appearance; change will begin. 

ABCD Boston 

Brookview House


Center for Teen Empowerment


Love Life Now Foundation

Mass Coalition for the Homeless    

Mass Rehabilitation Commission

Mission Church

Morning Star Baptist Church

My Brother’s Keeper        

Rosie’s Place  

Transition House    

Vine St Community Center   

SafeLink Violence Hotline: (877) 785-2020     

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