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Rebuilding Communities Starts Here

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STUCK supports organizations and individuals exploring solutions to dismantle systems of oppression.


⚓️ Do you feel held back and need support?

⚓️ Are you a service provider seeking effective ways to connect w/your clients?

⚓️ Are you in an unsafe relationship and need to talk with someone about it?

⚓️ Do you feel you have been treated unfairly by your DTA or DCF worker?

⚓️ Are you experiencing a lack of community resources?

⚓️ Have you experienced discrimination at work, school, or in a medical office?

⚓️ Are you concerned with the ways staff and/or teachers interact with your child at school?

⚓️ Have you recently been released from prison and are facing challenges transitioning?

⚓️ Have you been told you cause harm or are abusive?

⚓️ Do you feel unsupported by your lawyer or probation officer and do not know what to do about it?


⚓️ Have you experienced discrimination within an organization and need support?

⚓️ Would you like to connect with someone who has overcome substance abuse,                                         incarceration, homelessness, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence, or a sexual assault?

We are available to assist you while navigating through difficult times.

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Our Mission

        STUCK's mission is to bridge systemic gaps by speaking truth to power, dismantling           white supremacy, reducing recidivism, and rebuilding communities of color.  


STUCK provides solutions through self care workshops for survivors of violence,

         and anti-oppressive trainings within organizations to service providers. 


  STUCK empowers individuals that feel held back due to a lack of support, resources,

and/or self-esteem. We advocate for underserved populations, and provide survivors 

                with the resources they need to feel safe, confident, and achieve their goals.                           
            STUCK does not discriminate on age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity,

disabilities, social status or documentation.

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